My life always seems to come full circle.

I feel like I’m back in the eighth grade with my little LiveJournal. Now I’m feeling nostalgic, if only I could remember my user name. Anyway, I decided to start blogging again because as many out there probably don’t know, I like to write fiction/short stories/that sort of thing, and most of what I write about pertains to actual events that happen in my life…people always say,”write what you know,” and that’s exactly what I do. Don’t worry, I do my best to disguise people though…I’m not out to write another Answered Prayers…and take it as a compliment if I use you as a character, it means you are/were influential in my life.

So anyway, my point is…although someday I would like to be a famous celebrity author like Truman, I am realistic enough to realize that I am probably more likely to be killed by terrorists (Time or Newsweek in the 80s used that as a statistic regarding the likelihood of a woman over forty getting married- how soul crushing), so this blog is my way of getting all the crazy stuff that seems to happen to me/happened to me in the past out of my head. I’m not going to stop writing my little stories or working in my novel* (believe me, I’ll write it even if it’s never published- my goal is to be done this summer) but I guess this is a way to sort of jot stuff down as it happens, and share little anecdotes…and maybe have someone actually read it, which of course won’t happen if I am a) never published or b) relegated to the back corner of some indie bookshop, no offense to indie bookshops.

So enjoy. I haven’t really explored WordPress yet, figured out the different categories for posts and whatnot yet, but this is what I have so far.

*The novel’s called Tragedy of the Mundane: The Glorious Adventures of a Rather Banal Young Girl. I love my title so I’m using it for my blog too…I’d like to think I’m not banal however, although even the banal probably consider themselves exciting.

2 thoughts on “My life always seems to come full circle.

  1. hey, snuff, i disagree with you having a slim to none chance of making it like truman! you are talented and one of the smartest people i know ( not trying to jerk your chain or make your head big, but its completely true). i cant find your short stories.. maybe you can point me in the right direction.. since i am not as smart as you. anyway, cant wait to start reading your stuff!!!

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