I hate making choices.

Sometimes I wish it were one hundred years ago and my only choice was to get married. No, that’s a lie…obviously I’d just be frustrated by my lack of choices, not to mention the high risks of dropping dead from minor illnesses and major events like childbirth.

Anyhoooooooooo….I FINALLY got another job. Long story short, I kept interviewing for different things and no one was calling back…this happened at Express, Benetton, and TopShop, and it got to the point where I was seriously wondering if my old managers were saying something nasty about me. There’s no reason at all for them to have done that (and they probably didn’t actually, I think I just had bad luck), the worst thing I did there was say I would come back for the summer and then not….which plenty of people do.

Anyway, this time I actually was not actively pursuing any job leads. Banana Republic must have had my resume on file from when I was first applying for jobs back in ’08…or I get emails from Gap, Inc. sometimes and apply to all of  the relevant openings….so Banana called me to set up an interview. That interview led to a followup, they said they’d call me in a day or two, they called me two hours later, and voila, I’d gotten the job.

Sound great, but I feel as if there aren’t enough pros of this this job to justify leaving my old one. On the one hand, Banana offers an internship and apprenticeship program for people who want to work in corporate, and they’ll also be paying me more and they have an incentive program, so after I sell a certain amount I can start earning commission and getting rewards. That all sounds great and dandy, buuuuuuuut….I can’t participate in their apprenticeship program until I’ve worked there for a year…which will be after I’ve received my Bachelors degree. And also, they have some pretty high sales goals. It’s not that I’m unable to reach sales goals, it just makes everyday so much more stressful, and then I have to sell one credit card a day, which again, I can do, but it sucks,  and I think a lot of it has to do with luck.

So I’m thinking it makes more sense to stay in my old job and just wait until the Spring when I’ll be doing an internship for school which I have to do to graduate…because maybe that internship will lead to a job…or I could do one of Macy’s’ training programs…because at least then I’d be able to do something right after getting my degree, instead of having to be a retail bum for another month or two. And I don’t hate it there, it’s just annoying in the way retail is…plus it’s a lot more laid back than Banana would be. I think my main issue is, I’d like to be in a corporate type environment, not a store one, and if I had to stay in a store one, I’d like to have some position of responsibility. I’m not trying to say people who work in retail are lame, it’s only lame if being at the associate level is your career. Yeah that’s judgmental, but I think people should have SOME ambition in life.

So anyway…I’ve been mulling this over, harassing this poor guy at work, getting input from friends…and what I’m going to do is go to my store manager, tell her what’s up, and that I’d really like to stay, but I am paid pretty much nothing…which is true. So hopefully she’ll give me a small raise, and if she tells me to go eat a pair of shorts, then I have something to fall back on. And I would laugh if she really said that. I have until Friday to decide!

2 thoughts on “I hate making choices.

  1. lol at my store we have to sell 2 magazine subscriptions and get 3 reservations a day but no one ever meets those goals. I think I did once in an entire year. And I remember when me and you went to Dulles Mall in high school and you applied there lol

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