It is so unattractive to be a midde aged gossip.

I think my job has cured me of ever believing gossip about other people, or partaking in it myself. Not that I was ever one to run around intentionally spreading rumors about people, but it’s human nature to sometimes believe something untrue about one person, said by another person, especially if you’re young. But first I worked with a compulsive liar. And now I work with a middle aged woman who goes around saying, “I have a secret about so-and-so, but I can’t tell you what it is!! It’s something scandalous though!! P.S. you should hate the person I’m talking about!!” I wish I was not nearly literally paraphrasing her. Seriously, it really does make for a stressful environment when people are going around saying crap like that, then getting mad at you for having a “WTF?” reaction. I will take people at face value and not judge them until they do something to ME…or if what they have supposedly done is verified. I know that’s easier said than done, but believe me, I will do my hardest to try. There is nothing uglier than still having the junior high mentality when you’re nearly old enough to be a student’s grandmother.

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