Thee is not holier than thou.

Today was so freaking boring that I couldn’t think of anything to blog about. Then I made a dumb Facebook status and went to make chicken. The Facebook status stated that I hope the plumber who has been working on our house doesn’t talk to me. When I returned I had an IM stating how judgmental I am, and that the plumber was just trying to be friendly.

Obligatory back story re: the plumber. Our house is really old, and the landlord does not like to spend the money to fix it up. So long story short, one leak got so bad that black mold grew…so my housemate had had enough and the landlord sent a plumber. This plumber did not do his job correctly, leading to major ceiling damage in another house mate’s room, didn’t show up a number of times, said he would, “do anything to help us girls [or something to that effect]”…offered to do my housemate’s launry, and took her rug. So I believe I am justified in not wanting to talk to him.

But it doesn’t matter, it was just a stupid Facebook status that wasn’t even that offensive…once I got upset by someones status that said everyone who voted for Obama was a moron who doesn’t understand the issues and that we only voted for him because he’s black…that status WAS inflammatory and meant to offend people…but seriously, how could me saying I don’t want to talk to the plumber be that offensive?  I don’t even really pay attention to Facebook statuses anyway unless it’s funny, really truly terrible, or one of my friends’…so that’s ridiculous to get all up in arms about my moral character over a Facebook status. And this isn’t even anyone I talk to on a regular basis, if at all!

Anyway….I guess my point is that people need to get over themselves and realize that EVERYONE is judgemental in one way or another, some people may post something with a back story…and you’re being a judgmental busybody yourself by freaking out over it. Unless I post that I want to eat and rape babies while water boarding Obama voters, get over it.

Addendum: Actually my point wasn’t even about Facebook in general…I hate it in real life and everywhere when people act morally superior. Unless you’re Hey-Seuss Christo, most of us have prejudices and make judgments about people…as long as you’re not actively denying people basic dignities, it’s fine to accept that nobody, including yourself, is perfect. And I doubt Jesus was literally perfect either. I’m probably going to get smote by someone now.

4 thoughts on “Thee is not holier than thou.

  1. that sucks someone said that to you, yeah even if I didn’t know the back story I wouldn’t have thought it was mean…personally I don’t like to talk to plumbers either no offense to any plumbers lol.

  2. haha who does make a point to stay and talk to the plumber? not to diminish his humanity, but a lot of people don’t like to talk to random people regardless of their occupation.

  3. lol who commented? What is someone from Herndon. I bet it was like Jackie Chuchwell lol. I forgot she existed until she popped up on my people you may know thingie

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