I don’t want to keep writing angry blogs.

So I’ll write this one, about how I’ll randomly be walking home from work or be on the train going somewhere, and I’ll stop and think about how cool and amazing it is that I actually live in New York City.

I’ve always wanted to live here and go to college here, but it’s a huge jump from just thinking about doing something, then actually living it. Not that I’m disconnected from reality or anything, but sometimes it really does feel like some weird dream, and that I should be back at home in NOVA. I don’t know if that counts as being homesick or not…I don’t think it’s homesickness, I think it’s a weird nostalgia for when my life was easier and all I had to worry about was high school.

Living here by myself also makes me feel like a real adult…even though living here sometimes feels like a dream, I can’t ever imagine going back home, asking my parents to support me, etc. I guess it’s also because my college doesn’t have traditional campus life, and I spend more time at work than at school…and I’m obviously not dorming anymore.

So those are my thoughts that I have…it’s so funny though, because when I do go home, living in New York feels like it happened to someone else, and no time has passed even though it’s been two years.

Maybe I’m craaaaaaaaaaazy or maybe everyone feels like this when they’re going through the child-adult transition. Only the nose knows. Clearly I’m still a child in some ways.

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