So it’s not as if I literally just realized this about myself.

But I am getting too old to need reassurance from people that what I am doing is the right thing. It drives me nuts when people are indecisive about the most trivial of decisions, and I hate hypocrisy as well (see a post below this one)…so logically I need to get myself together and start trusting myself, not constantly looking to other people.

That’s not to say that getting advice is a  bad thing. Obviously there are some situations in which someone has more experience or an issue needs to be looked at with fresh eyes.

I just can’t be so suggestable. I am not a goody two shoes, I’d like to think I have somewhat of a spine, or the ability to grow one. I no longer have the excuse of being a dumb teenager. Being a dumb grown woman is one of the worst things, I think…so there’s no excuse for me to be one.

I would hope that I have some intelligence and common sense, now is the time to start using it. I hate feeling like a child.

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