I suppose this is about two varieties of fake people.

The first instance that drives me nuts, is when someone pretends that they like you when they really don’t. I don’t mean pretends as in, is merely polite (that discussion will come after my first two), I mean pretends as in will actively converse with you and seek out your company and/or conversation then act really passive aggressive about it. Why would you torment yourself that way? I guess if people were friends but then grew apart, maybe there’s some lingering obligation left behind? But still…it’s just ridiculous and being passive aggressive is rude and stupid. If you liked someone, but don’t anymore, just be cordial in passing, and stop inviting them to places. And if you never liked someone in the first place, then why the hell would anyone lead them on? That’s just crazy and I really, truly dislike people like that…talk about fake social climbers who just want to claim they have 343242348 friends.

The second variety of fakery is a little more touchy and frankly really sad to all parties involved. Hate is a strong word, and I don’t hate the people, but I truly hate the behavior. It’s so sad, pathetic and tragic when someone becomes completely different when they’re under the influence of drugs and alcohol. Maybe I’m just really sensitive or don’t understand because I don’t get that way myself, but it does hurt my feelings when someone acts like they really like me and enjoy my company when they’ve been drinking, but when they’re sober it’s just like “….” I mean, I’ve been around the block regarding various “wizard liquids and enchanted juices” as I would have called them years ago….and while maybe I have felt friendlier and more social…I’m aware that feelings of inappropriate friendliness were brought on by the drink and I maintain enough self control to not be a completely different person around people I know I’ll be interacting with sober in the future or give anyone the wrong impression. I don’t dislike these people as much as I dislike the above, but it’s far more hurtful I think, because with the first example at least the passive aggressiveness makes it easier to read between the lines. Also, it’s just sad to see a person and wonder if they’re putting on a front because they’re insecure, or what.

In fact, people who put on fronts and don’t act like themselves in social situations is sad in itself, with or without alcohol or whatever substance of their choosing.

Anyway, what I had to say about politeness was, it really bothers me when people confuse being fake and being polite. I think even if you don’t like someone you should show them proper respect as a human being, such as greeting them, saying good bye…basic courtesy that you’d show to a stranger. But some very rude people feel that is “being fake” and that it’s preferable to be openly hostile. No it’s not, it just makes you look like a jerk.

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