The controversial topic of this week is religion.

Actually I don’t think I’ll be saying anything that controversial unless someone is offended that I don’t believe in God, which is ridiculous, because I don’t think anything less of nor am I offended by people who are believers.

Anyway, I label myself as an atheist, because I don’t believe in God, and when I think that there could be a God, I also think that whatever made me think there could be a God could have just been luck, a coincidence, whatever. I am not claiming to definitively state that there is no God, just explaining why I find it hard to believe in one.

I don’t have religious parents, and come from a completely non religious background on both sides (even my ancestor who came over on the Mayflower was just a hitchhiker, not a Puritan) so that’s probably why I don’t believe. I think maybe some people just weren’t meant to be believers. In Black Boy Richard Wright states that no matter how hard he tried, no matter how much he prayed, went to church, etc., he just could not bring himself to believe in God.

I guess what I find most interesting is how weird it must be to not have anyone religious in my family…I don’t know what background the majority of atheists come from, but anecdotally it seems that a lot are from religious backgrounds…I don’t know though about everyone of course. I  think it’s perfectly normal to have no religion in my life…I’ve learned about it academically, but that’s about it. I guess I just wonder how many other people/families are like that.

So yeah…I believe in the Universe…I suppose the Universe could be God…but that’s about it.

2 thoughts on “The controversial topic of this week is religion.

  1. i believe in energy, which i know for a fact is real. i have said this to you before , but i define god in the following terms.
    always has been , always will be
    creator of everything
    is in everything and everyone
    heaven and hell, good and bad, positive and negitive

    how else would you define energy?… we all consist of it, it makes up everything and everyone. it always has been and always will be. energy (:

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