In the spirit of a book I just read, I am going to make a radical political statement.

Back in the day, when George Bush was president, it made me really angry when people of voting age would complain about his policies, complain about congressmen who supported him, yadda yadda…then would not vote in the elections, claiming, “Oh my vote doesn’t count, oh nothing will change, blah blah blah.” Of course everyone’s vote counts. People think it doesn’t if their candidate  loses, but hello, maybe he lost because of all the people who would have voted for him, didn’t because they thought their vote wouldn’t count. I honestly think that’s how George Bush won the presidency. And Al Gore and John Kerry are boring, and Ralph Nader’s a jerk ass vote stealer. But I still think voter apathy was a major contributing factor.

So I propose that the US make voting mandatory, like it is in Australia. I know that would completely fly in the face of the Constitution, but Americans really do take democracy for granted. Everyone just assumes everything will be all right in the end. Too bad we got into a war that probably will not be over by the next decade.

Here are some stats on voter turnout. In the 2004 election only 64% of eligible voters voted. It makes me wonder who the other 36% would have voted for.

It also makes me angry how things like Proposition 8 are what get voters to turn out. Bigotry is what inspires the democratic process?

I’m done now. I’ve probably offended 4798237389743289472 people.

I don’t seriously hate or feel anger toward specific people who don’t vote, some people maybe genuinely don’t care and fine, that’s their business. I just wish people who think there’s no point to voting understood that to be heard, they have to try.

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