I have some spare time, so I will blog about men’s fashion.

I think it should be a law that all men wear skinny leg pants. Not skinny like Pete Wentz skinny, but a slim fit. Wide leg pants are just so junior high…well at least when I was in junior high, which god almighty was eight years ago (it feels like it just happened). Baggy t-shirts are disgusting too. Men just need to learn how to wear properly fitted clothes so they look like MEN, not little boys trying to prove how macho and thuggish they are. Excuse me sir, you are a middle class white man from the suburbs, you are not a Crip cruising the mean streets of Los Angeles, pull your damn pants up and have your mother buy you a size medium shirt, not XXXXXXXXXXXXL.

Why, why, why is it so difficult for guys to look nice. Are straight guys afraid of looking gay if they’re put together? Sexual orientation has nothing to do with clothes, morons. Is Brad Pitt gay? No. Is George Clooney? No. I always thought Steve McQueen was gay, but he wasn’t. And it wouldn’t matter anyway, because clothes have nothing to do with any of that. My point is, why can’t men look up to them as the epitome as masculinity, rather than…I don’t know…Joe the Plumber.

This is why I want to marry the mannequins at Banana Republic, because they can dress better than any real potential dating partner. I guess my life will end up being Steff and the Real Boy (Lars and the Real Girl joke…I’m guessing Olivia and I were probably the only people who saw that movie).

**I should add an addendum that I only know .000005 straight guys, and this whole rant is purely anecdotal based on observing them and comments made by them re: fashion , so if anyone is a well put together man, please do not be offended, I am not describing you.

2 thoughts on “I have some spare time, so I will blog about men’s fashion.

  1. hahaha i love and completely agree with this post. I always wonder why straight guys are afraid of dressing nicely, and I’ve actually heard some say that they don’t want to look gay. My ex dressed really well (a little too well; his closet was like 3 times the size of mine, and filled with designed crap). And everyone always said “You dress like a metrosexual”, but I was like, “thank GOD you dress like a metrosexual,” because the alternative is so much worse. I think one day the people of the future will look back at pictures of regular men from our time with horror. I hope the 1950s and 60s fashion look will come back with full force. Except that it would always be okay for women to wear pants.

  2. interesting to get an intelligent female perspective on this…

    but may i point out the atrocious “fashion” that women partake in; fake tans, sweat pants tucked into uggs, french tips…

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