On being a decent person.

I came across this quote about someone while reading old Facebook messages (anything to delay my stupid info systems homework):

Woah there Nelly…sorry it has taken so long for me to get back to you…I never understood why you guys liked him so much…He always gave off that arrogant-douche bag-I’ll do anything to impress the bitch next to me attitude, so I am not surprised…besides we already know he is childish and rude, so why again does this surprise you?

And it made me think of a situation that recently occurred. Why do we try so hard to be liked by people and get them to be nice even though they are assholes? I guess we all want to believe that everyone is nice deep down, and that is just not true. Some people are just douchebags and there’s nothing that can be done to change that.

But I’m over it…I just found that quote and I liked it for the situation…but it’s almost been a month…and I have moved on to bigger, better things, and am committed to being a decent person to everyone…because it’s the right thing to do, not because they’ll give me a recommendation, help me with my career, etc. (although those are added bonuses). I also think that people need to think about the future…what if someone they completely dismiss and are an asshole to ends up being their future boss, or worse, is making the decision to hire them or not? Or if they want to go into business or politics…they’ve just alienated a potential client/voter/what have you.

Everything happens for a reason, and my experience with jerkwads has helped me see the importance of kindness and decency…and provided a huge example of how not to act. Not that I am vengeful…I do hope mean people will mend their ways and be successful…and there are plenty of mean successful people…but I really think that in general, if you’re not some super rich genius who can do whatever they want, the way a person treats others and their overall attitude goes a long way with their success.

One thought on “On being a decent person.

  1. well put snuff! what goes around comes around. you are better with out certain fuck wads anyway, period. i love you and cant wait to see you

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