Whoa, crazy shit has happened since Jan.

First off…I am 21…woo woo…not a real adult yet though since I don’t think I can rent a car from most places, or have to pay some sort of extra fee, I don’t know. I doubt that’s a situation I’m going to find myself in in the near future though, so not a big deal.

Sooooo….I had the most RIDICULOUS experience at my internship, which sucks, and today I got vaguely angry about it, but I feel like it did change my perspective about things. So it was definitely a learning experience in its own special way.

Long story short, Dude was BATSHIT and I was allowed to quit with no negative repercussions to my grade. It was seriously the most absurd and insane situation I have ever been in. I will never again think I have a bad boss because he was the WORST. BOSS. EVER. I should add that it was the WORST. RUN. BUSINESS. EVER. as well. A lot of people say their boss sucks, is crappy, is the worst boss ever…but I have never before in my life had a boss who I thought had genuinely lost his sanity. Not to mention was rude, disrespectful, didn’t listen to me, etc. I don’t mean standard rudeness…I mean…like, he would push me out of the way, tell me to shut up, tell me I did something wrong then tell me to do the EXACT SAME THING. And he told me that everyone at my real job is an asshole who doesn’t give a fuck. All great stuff to say to people, especially someone who’s doing you a huge favor by working for free, and putting in way more hours than is required by school.

So what I’m annoyed about is, Dude didn’t teach me one single thing. Well I guess he did, he told me how to make fabric toughened up. And how to not run a business, and that one should pay down their college credit card debt- those I observed on my own though. Anyway, this was supposed to be a design internship to prep me for working in a design department and to be real world experience for what I’m learning in product development. But it became more of a PR internship spearheaded by his girlfriend. Good stuff to know, I’m not denying that, and it will look good on my resume ( Dude didn’t care that I quit, while I would never use him as a reference, I feel like it’s ok to put it on my resume and for references I would use people at my regular job). And I did get better at Illustrator and Photoshop, as well as stuff like networking/reaching out to clients, uploading stuff to the website, newsletters, etc. But it wasn’t the design stuff I wanted to learn. Plus, the new stuff I was doing kind of stopped after a month or so and it seriously devolved to me uploading shit on Facebook, updating his Excel spreadsheets for sales, etc….then several hours of pretending to work because I was either stuck watching the store or he didn’t want me to go home. I also honed my sunglasses polishing and Windexing skills.

So I can’t help but feel a little gypped. It’s just so irritating because the company I really wanted to intern with offered me TWO positions, but it was after I’d already committed to this. And those were real design internships. So I can’t help but wonder if this fucked up my career in some way? But maybe stuff will work out and another path will work out for me. I honestly don’t really want to work in design anymore…the design related stuff he had me do SUCKED. All I did was wander from vendor to vendor as a gofer and he was incredibly vague as to what he wanted, would yell at me, and the vendors would all be like, “Um, we need him to come up, not you,” since it’s not like he bothered to tell me what he wanted to do with the garments. He didn’t even have a price list or tell me how much things cost, he had no store policies, no inventory…fucking ridiculous!

I’m glad about the extra spare time I have now that I am done, but I still do wish that I had had a normal intern experience. This whole thing makes me more grateful and appreciative of my real job though. They have taken the effort to develop me and teach me new things, and most importantly I don’t get yelled at, told to shut up…they actually CARE about the stuff I do there and I feel like there would be some sort of a problem if I left, it wouldn’t just be like, “Ok, bye!”

This guy didn’t care one bit about the work I did. He would give me projects then never mention them ever again…or a few weeks later be like, “Oh, good job.” So was this all just busy work? Seems like it.

I’m tired of typing and in class. Will post again soon.

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