I will earn my living in design from now on.

Many moons ago when I was an FIT Pres Scholar (ok, not that long ago…) I saw a modern dance group perform for us honors folk. During the question and answer session one of the women stated that she had decided that the only way she could succeed was to always earn her living in dance, even if it sucked.

That is the philosophy I am following. I met with a design recruiter for Abercrombie and she told me I had to find the time to design and develop my portfolio and I just can’t do that if I’m wasting eight hours a day folding jeans.

So I’m still with my outerwear internship which will turn into a part time job soon and am interviewing with other places. I just want more than anything to be able to earn my living creatively. Working retail was making me feel like I was headed toward a Britney Spears style nervous breakdown. But she picked herself back up and so can I.

The best advice I ever got was to do things for myself…nothing will get done if I just wait for opportunities to fall into my lap…I’ve got to market myself and aggressively follow this path.

Maybe it sounds crazy and irresponsible to leave my stable/guaranteed retail job, but I’m only going to be 21 once….now is the time to do crazy shit like this when I’m young and don’t have a family to support. Besides, it’s not like I’m making some irreversible decision….if I were to like literally be on the verge of starving of course I would go back to retail or something stupid…but that is not the case at this very moment and I hope that my persistence will pay off.

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