I am not a rabid patriot, but I believe people are too paranoid about our government.

Ever since George W.’s presidency, there have been numerous complaints from a large amount of people about how all of our civil liberties are being taken away, we’re all going to get hauled to Gitmo…and now that Obama’s president people think he’s a Nazi Fascist who’s going to take away all of our rights through the passage of his health care bill, we’ll all die from a death panel, and just now I read something about how Obama will be monitoring the internet or whatever.

We certainly do not live in a perfect country. This is a country that has engaged in racial profiling, abused prisoners, imprisoned people for inordinate amounts of time and came up with a silly color coded system in the name of national security (that is being eliminated however).

BUT WE KNOW ABOUT ALL OF THIS. This is not Russia where journalists get killed while Putin distracts the nation by wrestling a bear. This is not China where people get placed under house arrest. This is not North Korea where everyone is ronery!!

(Sorry- that was terrible).

But my point is- we are aware that the US is not a perfect nation, and we are allowed to talk about it and discuss openly where we went wrong and what we can do to make it better. We can even mock the president to the point where a movie is made about him while he’s still in office! Was Oliver Stone hauled to Gitmo for being a dissident? I think not.

Seriously….people just love to whine, complain and fear monger, but what they don’t understand is so many countries have it so much worse. Even some Western nations have restrictions on civil liberties- in France you can’t wear a hijab and in Germany you can’t be a Scientologist. In the US you are free to express your religion, be an Oprah couch jumping looney, and criticize the government to your heart’s content. I think the gravest indignity placed upon 99.999% of the population post 9/11 was having to remember to paint their toenails and wear slip on shoes to the airport (something I frequently forget).

Please tell me if there is something I am forgetting- maybe Obama recently declared himself Dictator for Life and I was so busy wondering why the cat I’m babysitting won’t come out and play with me that I missed it. But really, I don’t believe in USA uber alles, but I don’t think we live in the most terrible country in the entire universe either. That would be Bulgaria.

Just kidding!! I ❤ the Bulgarians, specifically Viktor Krum.

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