“It’s ok for a girl to one day wear pearls and lace, and another day ripped jeans and a Darth Vader T”

I found that quotation online (too lazy to go back and find specifically where), said by a woman who was trying to combat gender stereotyping encountered by her daughter.

Anyway, I hate pigeon-holing and stereotyping. We’re all guilty of it, myself included, but it helps to at least acknowledge one’s own personal biases and know a variety of different people to challenge those beliefs.

Upon first glance I probably appear to be a snobby bitch. I went to FIT,  I’ve done work in fashion, I wear nice clothes (mostly from LOFT- despite the fact that they aim younger and trendier anything affiliated with Ann Taylor conjures up images of a lady who lunches), I like theatre and opera, I listen to middle aged lady music and I do boring things like cat sit. And my alcohol consumption and illicit drug use is kept on the down low (and the illicit drug use is virtually non-existent). I am also shy when I first meet people- an issue that can be viewed as coldness.

But I don’t think I’m a bad person if one actually bothers to speak to me. Despite my appearance I have friends of all different occupations- some are stoners, some are venture capitalists. Some are my age, some are middle aged with kids. A lot are gay.  I at least try not to judge people based on appearance, and I at least try to get to know a person based on who they are on the inside, not the outside, before I make a judgment as to whether or not I like them as a person.

Therefore it bothers me when someone meets me an automatically assumes that I’m some prissy cow despite me trying to be nice and friendly. Maybe I come across as cheesy- I can’t help it, that’s just my personality- I am polite and courteous to everyone I meet, because that’s just how I feel decent people should be.

And why can’t my different interests be reconciled? Why can’t I like Lily Allen and Nine Inch Nails? Why can’t I like Project Runway and Star Wars? Why can’t I wear Ann Taylor one day and ripped jeans and a dirty t-shirt the next? Why do people assume these all things are mutually exclusive?

I shouldn’t let it bother me, because these people are small minded snobs, and it’s a reflection of them, not me, but I can’t help but feel a little hurt when people make random assumptions based on so little.

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