I believe women are partially responsible for sexism continuing to exist.

Let me preface this with, this does not apply to ALL women,  just a large enough portion of them that it’s something that I notice on a fairly regular basis- and I’m sure there could be some valid reasons for the examples I cite below.  So, sorry if I come off like a feminazi.

Problem 1) Acting helpless specifically when a physical task needs to be done.

Right now a friend of a friend is moving. Since I know a lot of boys, I was asked to recruit them. I said, “I need some extra cash, I can do it as well!”


Are girls not in possession of arms?? Am I just a lump of floppy dough?

I mean…I can understand big burly men being like…piano movers…but I think a resourceful woman should be able to move other things (and I think a group of women could carry a piano)…I feel like a lot of girls just don’t try. I don’t know if they act helpless to attract men or if it’s just an attitude that’s so ingrained it comes naturally at this point. I wonder what these ladies do when there are no dudes around.

Segue Regarding the Above

I feel like acting helpless like this encourages straight men (I’ve never gotten this from a gay man, which is why I make the distinction) to treat women like fragile dolls. There’s a patronizing tone a lot of men seem to take and it makes me want to club them in the face. AND BABY TALK IS THE WORST….YARRRRRRRR. I will pirate talk to any man who speaks to me like that, then throw him to the sharks.  I’ve even known a dude who used to take me by the arm whenever we crossed the street. He also told me I shouldn’t bother to get my Bachelor’s degree. I guided him into the path of a car.

Problem 2) The whole concept of things all women should like, i.e. “chick flicks.”

Just because I have a vagina does not meet I must like a certain genre of sappy, romantic dramas. I had once a teacher who said, “Whenever you’re on a date, you need to pick the movie because boys like action films and of course you don’t want to see that.”  Ummm… what? Plus that’s rude to assume all boys like the same types of movies too.

Problem 3) Being uptight bitches for no reason and publishing stories about being uptight bitches in women’s’ magazines.

I read this month’s Marie Claire and there was this weird essay about a lady who stopped being friends with her sister-in-law because the SIL said a present the lady got for her nephew was stupid, so the lady who wrote the essay refused to speak to her and by extension also cut off contact with her brother. Ok…so yeah that was a mean thing of SIL to say, but why react so passive aggressively then publish an article about it?

I wish I had more specific examples (I obviously am not reading these a lot- but my mom used to get them for me)…but a lot of times when I’m reading little blurbs in a magazine about say, why a lady broke up with her boyfriend and I end up feeling sorry for the dude…it’s like, “HE WAS LATE FOR DINNER SO I STOMPED OUT!!! WHAT A LOSER!!!” I’d be glad to be rid of a psycho bitch like that.

Problem 4) Relying on a man to make decisions.

Soooo many times when I worked in retail women would refuse to make purchases without their husband’s approval. Like they actually say, “I love such and such but I need to come back with my husband.” I mean, that makes sense if one is making a major purchase like a house or a car that will affect both individuals, but a pair of pants?? Come on a lady, grow a spine. I would never, ever, ever let a guy tell me what I could or could not buy…what’s the point of even having a job and earning your own money if you either literally don’t or feel you don’t have the freedom to make a purchase? For the record, whenever the husband/boyfriend/whatever is physically present they usually say the item is fine. Damn people who constantly need validation.

So yeah- I think there are a lot of women who act like whiny wieners and make straight men (again- don’t have these issues with gay guys!) think ALL women are like that and it makes for lots of bad dates- at least for me. I think men would have a much easier time relating to women as equals if there weren’t that subset who’s like, “Ooh look at me, I’m a prissy girl.” Being feminine does not equal being weak and voiceless.

I would burn my bra but they are relatively expensive so that would not be economically wise.

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