Important Life Lessons

There are numerous things in life that one must learn before they can function as a happy, healthy, normal person. These two are what I feel are the most important.

The World Does not Revolve Around Me

It does not revolve around me, you or anyone else. The Earth revolves around the sun and has over 6 billion people on it. Each one of those people is a unique individual with his or her unique wants and needs. Most people act in ways that are self serving, they are primarily occupied with themselves, most people are not actively out to get someone else. The vast majority of people get so self conscious because that’s just human nature….but most people are not actively obsessing over other people….perhaps they do briefly, otherwise gossip magazines wouldn’t be so popular…but otherwise, not so much! There’s this great F. Scott Fitzgerald quote from his last book which I haven’t been able to find….but the gist of it is, other people are thinking about us A LOT LESS than we think they are.

Jealousy Is An Ugly Emotion With Only One Benefit

I think the only good that can come out of jealousy is the desire to improve oneself. If I see a girl with a super awesome hairdo and I am jealous,  I will go home and make my hair awesome too. But otherwise jealousy just makes the one feeling it absolutely miserable and causes people to behave so poorly towards others. Why be so petty? Life is too short. So what if that girl has your dream man. Find another dream man or continue being your awesome self, treating both of them with respect and maybe he’ll see that you’re the one. Hooray!

Other life lessons include always floss and don’t double dip, but those are for another post.

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