I got my first hate mail!

Some girl sent me this email.

r u shitting me? i’ve seen retarded 5 year old do better flats then u. quite frankly u are an embarassment to all illustrator and photophop users. to say that  u r proficient in illustrator is the same as saying that little people r good at wiping their ass which they can’t even reach with their tiny arms. this is a level 5 offense to abode girlfriend, u better recognize. do us all a favor, just stop, girlfriend, cuz u suck worse then a street walker on 8th.

I sent her this follow up:

Hi Linda (I omitted her email from the above- but it had the name Linda in it),

While I suppose your feedback could have been phrased more eloquently, I was wondering what your background is etc, and what you utilize Illustrator for. First of let me make a few points- I just graduated from FIT, my specialty was product development. My professors gave me very positive feedback on my designs and Illustrator skills- however a point my professor did make was practice, practice, practice- obviously at 22 I’m not going to be as experienced as someone who’s worked in design for 20 years. Secondly, those flats are not fashion design flats in the sense of say…Karl Lagerfeld….those are technical flats that are intended to be sent to a factory so they can see where the buttons, stitches, etc. need to go and get a general feel for the proportions of the garments- that’s why they’re so plain and simply drawn (if you’re familiar with Illustrator you should know there’s a plugin which includes fashion sketches and they are drawn in essentially the same manner). They are literally intended to be a sketch of what the garment would look like if it were laying flat on a table. Lastly, for most of the coat sketches- garments actually were created from those sketches- those were done for a women’s outerwear company. The garments came out looking nearly identical to the sketches, which was the intention, so, obviously they were acceptable for factory standards.

Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you.



I did some research on the IP address and found out that it came from an FIT computer. I have a feeling that the name in the email was fake as it came from a domain and had a last name pertaining to Law & Order: SVU. I also suspect it’s someone I know as I can track who looks at my website and from where and it was someone who typed in my web address- they didn’t go to it from another website…and duh, the FIT connection.

I wonder if I’ll hear back from them or if they were just randomly spamming me.

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