Slightly Less Hateful Mail

So I got a response to the open letter to whomever sent me hate mail the other day (they use a fake email address for some reason).

oh baby. now i do agree this linda character could have phrased things more eloquently i have to give each their own piece. baby, now i suggest that you take an extra class or two not just practice. Now, don’t be ashamed baby it happens to all. I think that you are just lacking an artistic eye and some illustrator discipline. Now I have been using illustrator since it first came out and still use it til this day and spend day after day doing flats. I’ve also worked for numerous companies in my time so i’ve been around. I see that you have problems with proportions, seam placements (actually missing some key seams), being way off with the relationship of the overarm seam in comparison to the measurement of the underarm seam, lacking neck seams, etc. Now what troubles me is that there are people out there using these flats with some of the obvious construction mistakes. Now not to get you down baby, but personally when I hire people to freelance for me this is not something that I
would pick up. Invest in some classes and take official construction classes. Knowing how to hand stitch a seam does not entitle construction know how. xoxo

So….to this person….thank you for responding to me and coming up with some constructive criticism. I have a feeling though that you are either the same person as “Linda” or you two are friends. I am also perplexed by the anonymous emails and fake names. I am obviously not mad or angry about any of this, and the second email is perfectly reasonable anyway.

That’s great that you’ve been using CS since it first came out (2003 according to my research) and that you do flats everyday. The thing is though….not only did I state that I don’t work in fashion anymore, but the original comment that Linda sent me was in response to a post I made saying that I would be perfectly happy NOT working in fashion. If I wanted to seriously work in fashion I would invest in the extra classes, etc. but at this point I’m not 100% sure that it would be worth it (hence the lack of “Illustrator discipline”). I’ve never claimed to know garment construction either and I’m not sure where the hand sewing comment came from, as while I do sew, I’ve never mentioned it anywhere on here.

I’m sorry you’re troubled by the fact that the outerwear company I worked with used my flats, but it was never an issue….obviously the factory was able to make real jackets that were sold at real stores. Clearly they know garment construction themselves though and the sketches were more like a guide.

At any rate….I appreciate the concern….but I don’t believe I’ve stated that I’m the best out there, and it’s fairly obvious that I just graduated from college and don’t have a huge amount of experience…and as I said before, this was all in response to a posting that I may not work in fashion after all. I’ve done little jobs like sketches for look books and logo design and if those were were satisfied, great, each to their own. I also have a day job….these are just little side things that I enjoy doing. I also enjoy blogging and making this website and I find it bizarre that someone would be so terribly upset by it and not even tell me their name. I like hearing feedback and anyone who knows me should know that I am not easily offended, or will at least give a reasonable response.

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