Being characterized as a bitch despite trying to be nice.

I was not actually called a bitch at any point in this situation, that’s a word of my own choice to describe how I feel.

Anyway, I tried very hard to help someone who was in an unfortunate situation, mostly of their own doing, and was rewarded by them telling other people how much they disliked me. This was not a situation where I was butting in and giving unwanted help, they legitimately needed assistance from me to accomplish what they needed to accomplish and would solicit said help from me. I let it go and wrote them off as a jerk.

What really got me though, was someone else who was completely aware of the situation, said I did NOTHING to help this individual, while openly admitting that they themselves did nothing. To me that felt like an absolute slap in the face because the whole reason I had to help this person was because the people who should have been helping her didn’t. And then to actually come out and say that to me?

At any rate…I understand that there are some people who are blind to others’ flaws, but this went far beyond that (obviously there’s a bit more to it than this- I’m trying to protect the identity/privacy of these individuals).

I just felt incredibly insulted and was very angry as I had gone out of my way to help the person who needed help, they responded by saying what a jerk I was even though as I said they were the ones who asked me, then their friend blindly takes their side.

I guess I have zero empathy, because while I understand the bonds of friendship, if a friend of mine was blatantly rude and insulting to someone I would not say the person they were rude to deserved it just because it’s my friend, and my friends would and have certainly called me out for such behavior as well.

Anyway- it’s a cliche, but it’s true- no good deed goes unpunished.

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