Internet Trolls Who Apparently Hate Women

First two things to address. One) I realize my previous blog post came across as somewhat rushed, especially toward the end. That’s because I wrote it at work and just wanted to get it done which yes, is bad writing, but I hope my point was still understandable. Two) I promise to diversify the topics I’ve been writing about recently so they’re not just about feminism. It’s just a topic that has been on my mind recently.

Anyway I recently came across a very disturbing Twitter account which I will not link to because why feed the trolls, which was essentially a rant about how women are demanding all these rights and women are so confusing and why can’t this guy (the author of the account) get laid. Instead of soul searching and perhaps working on his social skills this guy just goes on a Twitter rampage about how terrible all women are and even more scary there are some veiled references to killing women although not outright threats.

I know these men are very much in the minority, but it still boggles my mind that anyone can be so full of hate and blame an entire gender on their problems instead of taking a deep breath, stepping back and trying to improve themselves and get help to have a happier more fulfilling life.

Everybody wants companionship and I understand that it is very frustrating to not be able to be with who you want to be with but move on. Move on, move on, move on. It is hard and maybe therapy is necessary if severe personal problems are part of the issue, but there is absolutely no shame in needing to seek help. There is shame in being a hateful troll who cannot accept responsibility and hides behind their computer screen to spew hatred against entire groups of people.

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