Matt Walsh the blogger, not to be confused with Matt Walsh the UCB comedian, has a problem with Hillary Clinton running for president as a woman.

Matt Walsh is a blogger who seems to have a tenuous grasp on reality based on some of his entries, such as this one for example (link below this paragraph). It’s completely fine to dislike the Democratic Party but why resort to lies that can be easily fact checked and why engage in ad hominem attacks? Why can’t he be secure in disliking her just because he disagrees with her? What does her gender have to do with it? Why mention that she wears pantsuits? Why the gratuitous insults against Barack Obama in a blog entry about Hillary Clinton?

Below are my point by point thoughts after reading Matt Walsh’s thoughts.

1) Why is not driving a car relevant to being president?

2) Why assume all sorts of malicious motivations on her end for running for president? How does he know that’s not what Ted Cruz is thinking for example? Marco Rubio perhaps? Why must she have devious reasons for running for president but no one else?

3) Why accuse Obama of choreographing a stage play about his life? His books were written in 1995 and 2006 respectively and I don’t think Obama as president is very different from how he comes across in his autobiographies. Could anyone seriously think he spent around 13 years orchestrating a “character” to run for president?

4) How does one define an “everyday American”? There are 50 incredibly diverse states with hundreds of ethnicities represented and a huge income gap in this nation. Using that logic a very wealthy person is as “everyday” as a poor person.

5) Why is it a problem that she has sought a career as a lawyer and a politician? Those are also the only occupations held by Ted Cruz.

6) If her speaking fees are a problem why are organizations willing to pay these fees? Rudy Giuliani charges around $100,000 per speech and George W. Bush $110,000. Maybe Hillary’s a better speaker and can charge more. For the record, none of the fees paid to any of these speakers came from student tuition money. Colleges and foundations generally have funds set aside specifically for these events.

7)This guy says Hillary requested classified FBI articles illegally and then links to a Wikipedia page stating that a staffer named Craig Livingstone did that and no senior White House officials including Hillary were involved according to several independent investigations.

8) It’s unfortunate that Bill and Hillary posed with a guy who had been convicted on drug charges but Nixon posed with Elvis and the Clintons returned the man’s campaign contributions.

9) How is comparing her to Aileen Wuornos anything but a meaningless cheap shot? Does he know that Cruella de Vil is fictional?

10) This is not the first time in history a woman has run for president. Victoria Woodhull ran in 1872

11) Why would Matt Walsh assume that African Americans voted for Obama based on race? That demographic leans Democratic in the first place. Many African Americans also voted for Bill Clinton because what, he plays the saxophone? It’s flat out racist to assume that African Americans will vote for a candidate based solely on race rather than policy. Does Matt Walsh think up until now we’ve only had a white president because white people would only vote for white people? Sadly that is actually true to an extent, but generally only among those with Matt Walsh’s conservative political beliefs, not members of the Democratic Party. On that note it’s sexist to assume a woman would vote for a woman solely because she’s a woman. I am a woman who would not vote for Margaret Thatcher or Sarah Palin.

12) Can someone please tell me where all these people saying “It’s time for a woman” are? I think Hillary is just the most engaging candidate from the Democratic party at this point and I haven’t heard anecdotally or otherwise that her gender has anything to do with that.

13) How has she been handed everything by men? How did Bill Clinton win a senate election for her? How is it her fault that a male president nominated her for Secretary of State? Does Matt Walsh think there’s some other way to become Secretary of State?

14) His opinion of her as embodying negative female CEO stereotypes is just sexist. One, those traits of hers he thinks she embodies are merely his opinion and two, can he explain what negative stereotypes of male CEOs are an come up with male politicians who fit that mold? Would he describe Al Gore’s woodeness in the same way and with the same vitriol?

15) That’s unfortunate that Hillary has taken donations from Middle Eastern countries where women are oppressed but then shouldn’t it also be a serious problem that the Bushes are family friends with members of the Saudi royal family for example?

16) It’s unfortunate that Hillary did defend a rapist as part of her job as a defense attorney, but it was her job, she was required to defend him by law as she was a court appointed attorney and could not say no. From what I understand she was trying to cope as she could in the situation. This is also a “she said-she said” case as there’s no way to verify if Hillary did actually lie about the victim.

17) Matt Walsh keeps linking to the same stories while going on about how Hillary is a rape apologist, liar, hated, corrupt, etc. If she’s this awful why link to multiple stories about the same thing? Shouldn’t there be more examples out there? Not just Benghazi and the rape case she handled approximately 40 years ago? The link that’s titled she’s “hated by the people who work for her” links to an unrelated article about Benghazi. Really?

18) I don’t think he could walk down the street and find a random woman qualified to be president. Or man or anyone for that matter.

One thought on “Matt Walsh the blogger, not to be confused with Matt Walsh the UCB comedian, has a problem with Hillary Clinton running for president as a woman.

  1. Matt Walsh Kentucky radio show-WZBH August 19, 2010 – the day the morning show hosts, Matt and Crank, aired a particularly offensive four-hour show. First, they attacked gays as mentally diseased perverts, then turned their venom towards Blacks and their welfare sucking habits that help support their crack habits, and finished up with a lesson to women that their place is in the kitchen cooking dinner for their men.

    The next day, both defiantly stood by their show, refused to apologize for any of it, and proceeded to denigrate all those who spoke out against their comments. We started this page to document their – and the station’s, in general – bigoted programming.

    Matt Walsh was fired within a year, give or take a couple of months, but Crank remained unscathed. He voluntarily followed his buddy, Matt, over to WGMD, but scurried back to WZBH, tail between his legs, within a month shortly after Matt was fired from that station.

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