Is it worth it to blog without tons of followers?

A question that was recently raised. Is it worth it to blog, tweet, broadcast, etc. if one has barely any followers? And how does one define “enough” followers to make it worth it? Hundreds, thousands? Where does one draw the line as to when to give up?

There is no clear cut answer of course, it is all personal preference and how can we judge if someone loves to write or talk, but barely has an audience. That is not necessarily indicative of poor quality although of course those with the best and most interesting things to say do rise to the top.

The field of social media and tweeting and blogging and facebooking is just so crowded now that it can feel impossible to break the barrier and gain any sort of significant following. But even if someone does have a large following, how many of those followers actually pay attention and care? Out of all the followers I have on Twitter I only interact with a handful on a consistent basis.

That handful though consists of real friends, and if real friends are interested in what I have to say and engaging in a dialogue then of course that can be more meaningful than random clicks from strangers. It is always nice though to hear from someone new though just to know that someone is paying attention.

It’s not new at all to point out that social media has been creating entirely new forms of social interactions for the past decade or so. It’s just absurd that we have reached the point where it is no longer enough for only friends and loved ones to want to hear from us, we want the whole world to hear, but unfortunately the reality (to paraphrase The Smiths) is that the world isn’t listening the vast majority of the time. That doesn’t mean we have to shut up though. Just accept small victories if words can touch even a few people.

St. Vincent- Digital Witness

If I can’t show it, if you can’t see me

What’s the point of doing anything?

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