The Budget Conscious Vegan or Vegetarian

PETA has a list of companies which do not use animal products or test on animals, however searching through a giant list can take forever. I also found that many of these companies are a bit pricey, which is discouraging to those who want to help animals but are broke (such as myself). I did some research though and compiled a list of companies which offer affordable, cruelty free products. Please contact me if there’s a company I should add.


e.l.f.– Can be found at Target, K-Mart- even the dollar store! Cheap shipping for online ordering, as well as frequent mark downs.

MAC– I find them fairly expensive actually, but as they’re a common brand thought it was worth it to mention that they don’t test on animals.

Urban Decay– Also a bit expensive for the super cheap, but they do have sale items and are vegan.

Hair & Shower

Herbatint– A UK based hair dye brand, however can be ordered online or found at stores such as Ricky’s if you’re in the New York area. Over $10, but if you’re lazy like me and only color your hair once every 2-3 months that’s not so bad.

Revlon– Revlon is one of the few major companies that has declared that they will no longer test on animals. Revlon hair color can be found in essentially every drug store/grocery store/etc. along with all of their other products. They use a wide variety of chemicals however, so may not be the best choice if one wants to go organic.

Giovanni Cosmetics– I had never heard of this company, but apparently their products are sold at Target, Wal Mart, Duane Reade, etc. A general selection of shampoos, conditioners, and so forth, as well as specialty products for treating dandruff, etc. They do not test on animals, however have a few products which are not vegan- those products are specified on their FAQ page.

Dental & Deodorant

Pathmark– I was pleasantly surprised to find Pathmark’s in store brand on PETA’s list of cruelty free companies.

Tom’s of Maine– Can be found pretty much anywhere. In case one is concerned that a natural brand may not offer the same quality of dental care as a traditional brand, their line of dental products is certified by the American Dental Association.

House Cleaning

Method– Read their FAQ section for more detailed info, but no animal ingredients or animal testing. And can be found at Target like essentially every other brand on my list.

Seventh Generation– Same deal as Method.


I recently became educated on the subject of vegan tattoos thanks to this article in The Atlantic. To make a long story short, many inks use charred bone and animal fat in order to attain more depth of color, longer lasting color, etc.

At this present moment I don’t know any of these artists personally, however as someone with a tattoo who is interested in getting another (cruelty free) one in the future, I will be checking these artists out, and want to spread awareness among others who may wish to find alternatives to traditional tattoo inks.

Gristle Tattoo– Located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Three Kings Tattoo– Also in Brooklyn.

This site has a list of vegan friendly tattoo shops in other cities.

Clothing & Accessories

It’s pretty easy to find vegan alternatives these days. Target and Payless have great man made alternatives to leather shoes or boots that don’t look cheap, but are in the $20-$40 range.

I check the label of anything I purchase just in case, but generally speaking, the cheaper the item, the less likely an animal product is to be in it.

Taken from PETA’s site these are some alternatives to wool if you live in a cold climate: cotton, flannel, acrylic, polyester fleece, Gore-Tex, Polarguard, Polartec, and Thinsulate.